New Science MiniSATS -  Assessments in Primary Science for the new 2014 curriculum
Data Handling for the 2014 Curriculum

We have created 16 Data-Handling extension exercises for each year-group, presented as sets of 32 (with answers) for each key stage:

  1. Key Stage 1 -  RRP - £29.50  (Y1 & Y2) - (free with Y1 + Y2 miniSATS)
  2. Lower KS2   -  RRP - £29.50  (Y3 & Y4) - (free with Y3 + Y4 miniSATS)
  3. Upper KS2   -  RRP - £29.50  (Y5 & Y6) - (free with Y5 + Y6 miniSATS)

These are all presented on a USB flash-drive (memory-stick). You will be able to print the pages as required, for use within your school. 

Please note our offer of free Data handling sets when you purchase the corresponding MiniSATS sets.

Download a sample Data Handling exercise by clicking here.
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